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How To Install CORSAIR iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip Starter Kit

The CORSAIR iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strip Starter Kit extends your PC's RGB lighting by dynamically integrating your games and media into a truly immersive ambient lighting experience powered by CORSAIR iCUE.

For more information about the LS100 Starter Kit or the LS100 expansion kits check them out at or visit our User Forums at

Corsair LS100 iCue LED strips, setup, installation and thoughts

This is a video showing off the LS100 Smart Lighting Strip starter kit with two expansion kits for either super large ultra wide monitors or multi-monitor setups.

See the Corsair LS100 LED strips deals:
Amazon US -
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Amazon UK -
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Amazon DE -
Amazon FR -

See Corsair's Installation video here -

The basic starter kit Includes 2x long strips (450mm) with 27 individually addressable LEDs each, 2x short strips (250mm) with 15 individually addressable LEDs each, an external lighting controller, USB cable, and external power cable.\r Add additional lighting to your setup with LS100 Smart Lighting Strip Expansion Kits (sold separately), available in both 450mm and 250mm sizes.

Highlights of this monitor backlighting kit include:
- RGB Light syncing via lighting link with other Corsair RGB products (fans, RAM, mice, keyboards)
- Easy and robust installation that includes magnets instead of double-sided sticky tape
- Light diffuser housing to spread the light more pleasantly
- Light sync with what's on your screen to react to what you see

Lowlights include:
- No separation from the RGB lighting of other peripherals when in light sync mode

See the official page here -

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See NZXT's Hue 2 -
Philips Hue light sync -

Check out my dedicated Amazon Storefront to see my current fave gear -

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Recorded with:
Panasonic Lumix GH4 -
Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-32 mm Lens -
Panasonic Lumix G Macro Lens -
Blue Yeti mic -


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Outro music:
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DabreadMan : Is there anyway to extend the wires coming from the strips?
mdr893 : why I can't play the vid
AnujGamer Yt : Im totally confused which one il buy corsair ls100 or nzxt hue 2 ambient v2
Botzz28 : are these aas bright as the lifx strips ?
Botzz28 : Are these bright ?

Olympus LS-100 Multi Track Linear PCM Recorder Review

Olympus LS-100 Multi Track Linear PCM Recorder Review ... full review here of this superb off-camera recorder, including an audio test.\r
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MoGaming : Now this tidy!
MoGaming : Is" ;)
Milo Noblet : might I suggest putting an annotation five seconds into the SS ad that allows you to move on to the video?
Mikey : I dont mind watching adverts at the start of a video, its the least we can do with all this free content, but MIRCLE GROW? Really lol, youtube really need to pair up ads with the type of video lol!
nul10productie : First nice video.
Strange with a 140db > knocking on the table and the recorder is CLIPPING ?




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